Books I read in 2014

So… This has not been a good year for me, reading wise. As I’ve contemplated putting this post together over the last couple of days I can’t help but feel like I’ve forgotten a title or three somewhere, but, after two days of mulling I suppose if the missing tome(s) hasn’t shaken loose by now then I’d better just get on with things and do the math.

It appears I have read only 18 books in 2014. The previous year (2013) that number was 25 and I thought that was a poor performance. I also listened to 9 novels on Audible in 2014. Listening to books is a new thing for me and being old fashioned, I feel like it doesn’t really count as reading. But, as I need the help with the numbers I’ll say I’ve “read” 27 books.

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Books I Read in 2013

Inspired by a friend on Facebook, I tried to tally all the books I read this year. I think if I included books I didn’t finish this list would be twice as long. I wasn’t super psyched about what I read this year, unfortunately.

Just Kids – Patti Smith – my rating 7/10
The Forest for the Trees – Betsy Lerner – my rating: can’t remember
A Feast for Crows – George R. Martin – my rating: 8/10
I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp – Richard Hell – my rating:  7/10 Continue reading “Books I Read in 2013”