Why “Why Don’t You Like Me?”

Short Answer: I impulsively buy url’s that I think are funny or stupid or stand-alone non-sequiturs. For example, I have owned vipsheepskins.com, (along with a lot of other stupid url’s) for many years now. I hope to eventually make use of them.

That is unless you want to buy vipsheepskins.com – In which case email me. Joke (not a joke).

I have owned whydontyoulikeme.com for maybe 10 years and I wanted to use it for something


Slightly Longer Answer: When I started this blog – 3 or 4 years ago now – the idea of somebody asking that question, “Why don’t you like me?” seemed appropriate for someone who is shouting into the darkness (that is the internet), talking about stuff that nobody (seems to) care about; drugs, petty crime, punk rock. So I put the url to work.

More importantly probably, “Why Don’t You Like Me,” is a song lyric…

Older and/or potentially fanatic readers might recognize it as the ONLY lyric Lou Barlow screams in the epic dirge-fest/song “Don’t” on Dinasaur Jr.’s 3rd album, 1988’s “Bug.” I loved that record and it’s precursor “You’re Living All Over Me,” passionately as a young man and the song has stuck with me all these years (and yes I know the photo above is from “Green Mind” – Dino Jr’s 4th record). Lou’s vocal performance is painful to listen to. He really fucking goes to 11, screaming his guts out in that song. As such, the title works as a metaphor for so many aspects of man’s fate here on planet earth. It’s applicable to relationship matters, artistic endeavors, our species’ search for meaning, ad infinitum. As humans we are all searching for validation with all that we do in this cold and lonely world. Right?

This text has nothing to do with what you are currently reading. Consider reading an older blog entry. In Date Night a sexist asshole, coke fiend steals a leather jacket.

There’s a story behind that song. And I believe I heard it on Marc Maron’s podcast. J Mascis, who is famously misanthropic, coaxed the painful performance out of Lou before kicking him out of the band. Shit was cold. He really treated Lou badly. But then, if J hadn’t treated Lou so shabbily there would never have been a Sebadoh, and in turn no “Bakesale,” another important musical milestone IMO.

Since I’m talking about this blog, I imagine most people must know what the image of the dude with the forks in his eyes is up there, right? Well, in case you don’t, it’s from the Scorpions record “Blackout” from 1982. Ever since I first saw it as a kid it’s stuck with me – again another metaphor – for what I don’t know specifically… Media or a society-more-generally that makes you so crazy you want to dig your eyeballs out of your head, I guess? Sounds reasonable, right?

Also, that image is like the least disturbing record cover the Scorpions came up with. I guess because they are German and it was the 70’s and 80’s they could get away with fucked up shit – child porn, bestiality, you name it – that would unthinkable these days. Still, the imagery they employed was notably bent.

I’m experimenting with shorter entries that are less of an undertaking, so there you have it. Whydontyoulikeme.com. As always, thanks for reading.

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