Houses from the Game of Thrones as 90’s (and older) Metal Bands

Yeah I got a Game of Thrones problem. Or a story of Ice and Fire Problem, whatever you want to call it. I seriously dorked out on this idea that if you were totally unfamiliar with the series then an easy way to identify the different houses would be to associate each with a different 90’s metal band.

I posted one of these on re:edit and got some vicious response. It was pretty great.

“Do you listen exclusively do Dad Rock?” was one.
“Do the nostalgia goggles give you a headache?” was another.

I could so see myself writing that if I had the internet when I was 13. Good stuff. Thank god I only got through 3 of these before I realized what I was doing and what a profound waste of time it was.

Greyjoys are Iron Maiden

Greyjoys would be Iron Maiden

Lannisters are Poison

Lannisters are Poison

Starks Black Sabbath

Starks would be Black Sabbath

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